Nation-State Hackers

Chainanalysis estimates DPRK has stolen US$1B in 2022, going toward their missile program.

Speaking Truth to Marketing

I go after tour groups and accounts when I think they’re capitalizing on North Korea’s sordid reputation.

The Bait-and-Switch of Lee Hee-ho

Kim Jong Un invited Lee Hee-ho to visit him in Pyongyang over August 5−8, then promptly retracted the invitation at the least convenient time.

KCNA: Worst Drought in 100 Years

They report that nearly a third of their rice-growing fields have dried up during the planting season, which is dire news considering how little food farmers are allowed to retain.

New Media All the Time

It’s pretty hard to keep up with all the new books and documentaries coming out about North Korea.

DPRK in Mid-2015

The Koryo Hotel caught fire on the evening of Thursday, June 11. Foreigners taking pictures of the event were immediately arrested…

Robert King and Human Rights in the DPRK

The “useful clown” Dennis Rodman did much to assist this, causing people to break away from Project Runway and The Bachelor to wonder what exactly was so bad about Kim Jong Un…

A Rising Wind of New Ideas

In the distance we could hear a PA broadcast. I could only make out that some of it was in English and some in Korean…