Exactly Who’s In Charge?

Something very interesting has just happened. New Focus International, founded by Jang Jin Sung (read up on him!), published its own analysis of the events leading up to the purge of Jang Song Taek and its fallout, and this analysis has been referenced by Chinese media. One of the statements in this analysis is that Kim Jong Un is not really in control anymore, a bold declaration that could not take a headline in a Chinese paper without approval all the way up.

So who would be in charge, if not Supreme Leader? That would be the military and the OGD—Organization and Guidance Department.

I thought that department sounded familiar, like I knew someone who worked there. You know who works there?

Uncle Jang’s son, Jang Kim Song. Does this mean the OGD orchestrated Jang’s execution? Not likely, but it could mean they’re stepping in to fill the power vacuum in its wake.

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