Speaking Truth to Marketing

I go after tour groups and accounts when I think they’re capitalizing on North Korea’s sordid reputation.

Robert King and Human Rights in the DPRK

The “useful clown” Dennis Rodman did much to assist this, causing people to break away from Project Runway and The Bachelor to wonder what exactly was so bad about Kim Jong Un…

AMA with Specialists on North Korea

Pertinent to North Korea, readers may be interested in Simon Cockerell’s AMA. He runs Koryo Tours, a tour company that has safely led people through North Korea.

Slow News Week for North Korea

Paddy Power, a large and popular Irish booking agency, has declined to underwrite any further trips to North Korea for Rodman.

Rodman’s Third Trip to DPRK

Rodman has let slip he is only interested in becoming “the most famous person in the world” with no interest in the release of Kenneth Bae